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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DON'T BE A SNOB......Dooney & Bourke Is a "Designer" Handbag Too!

While I've always loved purses, I had never given their quality any thought as a teenager. I never looked at the inside tag or label of a handbag while I was in high school. Frankly, I didn't really care where it was made or what it was made of. I purchased many bags that looked like the real thing, but were definitely not the real thing. I had a small allowance and could not afford the handbags that I most coveted - designer handbags.

Skip ahead a few years. During a break between classes at the university, I decided to go shopping at a nearby mall. By this time in my life I had a job, a checking/savings account, and a credit card. As I walked through my favorite department store, I noticed a line of handbags that had the strongest looking leather I'd ever seen. The SA pulled out a few of the bags for me to look at closely. There was a brown one, a forest green one, and a black one. I loved the black one. It was elegant, sturdy and water resistant!!! I asked the SA the price of the bag. "It's $245 plus tax" she replied. Wha-wha-WHAT?!?!?!?! "Holy smokes! That's alot of money for a purse" I said. I'm not kidding. That was my reply verbatim. The SA had a sense of humor. She laughed and answered "You're right. It is alot of money, but you must think of this bag as an investment." Of course, I knew she was trying to sell me this bag so I let the "investment" comment slip to the back of my mind. I decided to buy the purse. I charged her to my credit card and walked out of the mall with my first "designer" handbag - a Dooney & Bourke.

I know many designer handbag lovers and collectors are probably fainting while reading this. Dooney & Bourke is a designer handbag? Well, yes, it is. It might be on the lower end of the 'designer handbag' spectrum, but it is there nevertheless. Trust me when I say this bag was indeed an investment. The SA who sold me the bag wasn't kidding. I've had this handbag for almost 13 years and she looks absolutely brand new. You don't get this kind of quality from cheap bags.

Over time I've collected more handbags. MANY MORE HANDBAGS. Climbing the designer handbag ladder has not been an easy task. I've learned from all my mistakes and become a more thoughtful and informed handbag collector because of them. While I won't be buying a Dooney & Bourke handbag anytime soon (mostly because I'm saving all of my disposable cash for Balenciaga handbags, but that's a whole other blog entry!), I can certainly understand why many women continue to love this brand. Most of their designs (well, perhaps not the bumble bee line) stand the test of time. Now what woman wouldn't want a handbag like that?

If you're not a handbag snob, you can purchase one of these durable classics at Macys.


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