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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's "WONDER BAG"!


Oh yeah! The bigger the better. They must also be stunning and functional. No ordinary sac will do. So I want a stunning, functional big bag. A tall order, right? WRONG!!! She exists I tell you. She exists!

Let me introduce you to the Kooba 'Natasha' bag, or, as I lovingly call her - "Wonder Bag"! The 'Natasha' is a handbag superhero. By day she's a roomy tote able to carry tall magazines in a single bound, but, with a quick adjustment of her side straps to the top turn-lock buckles, she becomes an absolutely stunning shoulder bag. She streaks by perched on a ladies arm like a shooting star. Gleaming with a brilliant white glow, her crinkled patent leather is the most gorgeous superhero suit I've ever seen. Forget Wonder Woman's gold bracelets. Sure she could deflect bullets with hers, but Wonder Bag, with her polished silver metal hardware, can make even the frumpiest girl look like one chic momma.

This bag gives you all she can and then some. Are you worried your small items such as keys or cell phone will get lost inside a bottomless pit? Do not fear, ladies. Wonder Bag has an interior zip pocket and two additional pouch pockets to hold all your small goodies. Our heroine isn't done yet. She has an open top with a convenient flap that closes with yet another beautiful polished silver turn-lock buckle. Her top stitched flap closure, shoulder and side straps give her the finishing touches. She is truly a superhero among handbags.

I've saved the best for last. You don't have to be a damsel in distress or shoot a signal lighting up the night sky for her to come to your rescue. All you need is a credit card!

You can find the Kooba 'Natasha' bag a.k.a. "Wonder Bag" for $625 at eLUXURY.


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