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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fendi Fall 2007 Collection: Wacky, Wonderful and Weird

Under Karl Lagerfeld's command, Fendi reigns supreme over the fashion world. This does not, however, exclude Mr. Lagerfeld from the occasional silly streak. I'll attribute Fendi's Fall '07 collection to just such an aberration. The handbags are a little wacky with clutches covered in a patchwork of multi-colored leathers or tinted goat hair. They're also wonderful with classic clutches and handbags crafted from sumptuous leathers, exotic skins and shimmering sequins. Then there's just the plain weird with fusion hag bags made from every conceivable material plastered together in a bizarre "Island of Dr. Moreau" fashion. All in all, this collection has many hits, but quite a few strange misses. At least Fendi keeps us on our toes.

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