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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marc Jacobs Needs To Get Out Of The Kitchen

What happens when you mistakenly add salt instead of sugar to a dessert? Well, you ruin it. The same can be said for Marc Jacobs and the Irina Quilted Leather Hobo. Half smooth/half quilted leather and gold-tone hardware give this hobo a classic look. So far, so good. This dessert seems quite tasty. A front diagonal zip pocket with leather pull tab imbue the bag with a modern vibe. Now we're really cookin'. This sweet treat is almost done. All that's left to add is some sugar to top it off. In this case, Jacobs' mistakenly substitutes sugar for grommets. GROMMETS?!? NO MARC, SHE'S RUINED!

You cannot expect women to pay good money for a bag that has been so unforgivably defiled with grommets spelling out your name across it like a "Miss America" pageant sash draped over a contestant's shoulder. What a mistake, Marc. You need to get out of the kitchen (or design studio) and take a long deserved break. Thank goodness your Fall '07 collection appears error free.

Ladies, if you don't mind eating salty desserts or carrying an advertisement on your arm, purchase one of these hobos for $950 at Neiman Marcus. Available in white and an equally repulsive brown.


1 Response to "Marc Jacobs Needs To Get Out Of The Kitchen"
  1. junkie said...
    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    No thanks,I shall take a pass on this mess of a bag.

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