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Friday, February 2, 2007

"The Midas Touch"

Once I had a dream I had 'the Midas touch'. Everything I touched turned into gold. YOWZA! Now that is some dream. Alas, I woke up and everything I touched didn't turn into gold - just housework.

Wait! What if my dream wasn't just a dream? What if I really did turn everything into gold? Well, maybe not everything. How about a handbag? The mere thought sends chills down my spine. Of course I know I don't have 'the Midas touch', but once you feast your eyes on this handbag you'll realize Francesco Biasia does. The Secret Love-Two Metallic Gold Satchel bag is the perfect example of 'the Midas touch' in action.

So what do I like about this bag you might ask? Heck, what's not to like? IT'S GOLD! - metallic gold leather to be exact. The braided handles and gold tone hardware take this bag from ordinary to chic. The side pockets, inner compartments, zip pocket and signature fabric lining make it practical for everyday use, but it's the fabulous hook closure that truly gives this golden gal her "WOW" factor. Now how's that for 'the Midas touch'?

Available through Forzieri. Too bad the $649 price tag isn't a dream.


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