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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Someone Needs To Go Back To Fashion School...But Who?

I can sum up Season One of Project Runway in one sentence: Kara Saun got hosed. BIG TIME!

Don't get me wrong. Jay McCarroll is a good designer, but Kara's designs are the stuff of dreams. She's the kind of designer whose collections I look forward to seeing every season. Jay, on the other hand, is a one-trick pony. By that I mean he is stuck on one concept and doesn't seem to know it. Season one's winner was much hyped. While I admire his creativity and cutting edge fashion sense, he doesn't realize how consumer friendly his designs are not. Which brings me to this 'funkadelic' tote bag designed by Mr. McCarroll.
Here's what probably happened. After winning PR, Jay was livid with the treatment he received from both Bravo TV and Ms. Heidi Klum herself. When he was contacted to produce merchandise of his design to put up for sale on the PR website, Jay thought he could finally get his revenge and stick it to them all. Let's just say he did.

So what are the 'pros' to this tote bag? It's black, and, well, that's pretty much it. Unfortunately, this brilliant designer has given the consumer a bag full of 'cons'. It's made out of canvas, has a Velcro closure, and is decorated with circles of varying sizes and fabrics. I would expect a bag like this from a Home Ec. class at a local high school rather than from a designer who has collections featured on the runways of NY fashion week.

If you'd like to own this 'unique' tote bag or just feel like contributing to Jay McCarroll's "Returning to fashion school" fund, visit Mercifully, you'll only be out $35 + tax and shipping.


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