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Monday, February 12, 2007

Spring 2007 Hag Bags

Now that I'm done bringing you the latest trends from the Fall '07 collections, I can concentrate on all that is new and beautiful this Spring. Well, not everything is coming up roses. There are quite a few weeds to pluck out, or as I like to call them - Hag Bags.

A brief explanation about Hag Bags is in order. Hag is a term used to describe a sea witch. She's an old, haggard-looking, decrepit woman who lives near the sea. She usually walks with a stick and possesses a tell-tale wart on the tip of her long, crooked nose. In other words, she's REALLY UGLY!!! Unfortunately for today's fashionistas, there are handbags that fit this awful description as well - Hag Bags. Now that you know what a Hag Bag is, prepare yourself to see them. Please cover your eyes from here on out if you cannot stomach ugliness.

Here are my picks for the Spring 2007 Hag Bags:

Chanel Lucky Charms Handbag

Someone at the House of Chanel had a pin collection and didn't know where to display it.

Giorgio Armani Black-and-white Beaded Evening Bag

Can also double as a 1920's flapper costume for a Barbie doll!

Mulberry Patent Leather Hobo

This is an antique bag from the age of the gladiators - please note the mace-like weapon dangling from the handle.

Zac Posen Leather-and-stingray Irina Frame Bag

I knew I'd eventually find a bag that resembles my grandmother's armoire!

Marc Jacobs Green Python-patchwork Stam Bag

I had no idea a windshield visor could be converted into a handbag

Prada Black Leather Fringe Bag

This bag could be cast in a sequel to "The Shaggy Dog"

VBH Bone Leather Egg Bag

The bag looks like an egg...'nuf said

Chloe Jeweled Chain-handle Hattie Evening Bag

An afternoon at a "Michaels" craft store gone wrong

Mulberry Black Patent Leather Shopper

A fine example of the 'Be-Dazzler' at its' best

Fendi Silicone-Fringe Palazzo Bag

Finally, Fendi designs a windsock!!!

All photos via For a complete report on all Spring 2007 accessories visit


2 Responses to "Spring 2007 Hag Bags"
  1. junkie said...
    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    U-G-L-Y these bags ain't got no alibi!
    Such a shame. What is up with Prada? Yikes! And, are the folks over at Fendi laughing at us? Windsock! LOL!

  2. Señora Cartera said...
    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    You have no idea how difficult it was to narrow the list down to 10 bags!!! There were PLENTY more.

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