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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Harveys 'Bombshell' Seatbelt Bag

When fashion, technology, and quality craftsmanship come together, the results are downright amazing. Imagine a handbag crafted from a virtually indestructible material that oozes style and whimsy. Can you picture it yet? If you're having trouble, I'd be happy to provide you with a visual.

Harveys 'Bombshell' Seatbelt Bag is one heck of a bag. This astonishingly chic shoulder bag is crafted from woven-patterned military spec, green paratrooper webbing with NASA-approved yellow contrast stitching. It features a single adjustable shoulder strap, printed camouflage-lined interior, and whimsical leather bomb charm. The bags true appeal lies in the front leather patch with artwork designed by world famous tattoo artist, Sid.

There are definitely trendier, designer seatbelt bags out there like the Fendi Crossword Grande Net Bag (Pictured), but they're overly expensive ($1580!) and don't hold a candle to this edgy bag.

Harveys 'Bombshell' will make you stand out everywhere you go - for all the right reasons. This one-of-a-kind bag is available for $208 via Harveys. Get ready to look adorably tough!


1 Response to "Harveys 'Bombshell' Seatbelt Bag"
  1. pursejunkie said...
    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    I love the Fendi version. More and more every day!

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