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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Little Earth 'Diamonds' SuperFlair Handbag

Isn't it wonderful when you can be stylish and do something positive for the environment at the same time? Little Earth is made up of design duo Rob Brandegee and Ava DeMarco. This enterprising pair offer fashionistas everywhere accessories created from recycled material. In one year, Little Earth recycles about 30 tons of rubber, 40,000 license plates, and 250,000 bottle caps. Staggering figures to say the least.

The Little Earth 'Diamonds' SuperFlair Handbag is a perfect union of style and substance. Created from two custom-made license plates bearing a woman holding a pair of sunglasses in what can be classified as a 'high-society' motif, the 'Diamonds' bag features a slew of hand-applied Swarovski crystals, bottle cap snap closure, rubber handle with crystal embellishments, footed bottom, lined interior, and "Little Earth" nameplate. Additionally, this unique handbag comes with a sweet dust bag and extra Swarovski crystals for any future necessary replacements.

Now that you've done your part to help the planet, reap the benefits of being a conscientious citizen of Mother Earth and enjoy this adorable bag's small price tag: $100 via ShopNBC.


1 Response to "Little Earth 'Diamonds' SuperFlair Handbag"
  1. pursejunkie said...
    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    This is adorable. The price isn't too bad. great review!

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