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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Henry Cuir Alligator Eucalyptus Bag

The Henry Cuir Alligator Eucalyptus Bag is a perfect example of what happens when a great handbag design goes wrong. The concept of an alligator skin bag will send most women straight to handbag heaven, but this particular silhouette, measuring 15.5 x 12.5 x 6, is marred by distracting tonal leather-cord top stitching all over the dual shoulder straps, frame top and curved sides. The 'Eucalyptus' has great "bones" with its' decadent alligator skin exterior, adorable Amber closure and linen-lined interior, but is poorly executed. What a shame that a bag designed by the amazing Swiss-born Henri Beguelin, one of the most innovative handbag designers around, fails so terribly.

For $5500 via Barneys New York, the Alligator Eucalyptus Bag's price tag adds insult to injury. I just hate it when handbag designers don't know when to stop.


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