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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chanel Limited Edition Lucky Charms Handbag: Trash or Treasure?

Utter the words "Limited Edition" and some women go absolutely bonkers (and not in the fun way!). In the case of the Chanel Lucky Charms Handbag, I have a few choice words to convey. This LE quilted calfskin leather flap handbag is the most unappealing, distracting pile of *%#@ I've ever laid eyes on (it's also completely sold out!).

Touted as a true collector's piece, the 'Lucky Charms', measuring the classic flapbag dimensions of 9.5 x 6.5 x 3, features the signature Chanel chain-link shoulder strap (worn single or doubled-up), gunmetal-hued silver hardware, foldover flap with turn-lock closure and underside zip pocket, rear patch pocket, leather-lined interior foldover flap with magnetic snap closure, front patch pocket, and main compartment with interior slip pockets. So far, so good. Unfortunately, the fun comes to an end when you're bombarded with a myriad of Chanel "charms" that adorn every nook and cranny of this hag bag's exterior. It looks like something I would have made during an afternoon crafts lesson at Michaels. It's the classic Chanel bag on crack!

Ladies, you can plainly see my take on this thing, but I want to hear from all of you. At a whopping $7000, is the Chanel LE Lucky Charms Handbag trash or treasure?


3 Responses to "Chanel Limited Edition Lucky Charms Handbag: Trash or Treasure?"
  1. Anonymous said...
    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Senora cartera: You obviously do not have good taste. This bag is beautiful and liked by many people. It would not be sold out already if it was not liked, don't you think?

    Chanel lover

  2. Señora Cartera... said...
    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Actually, whether or not a bag is "sold out" should not be indicative of its' value - monetarily or aesthetically. There are plenty of limited edition bags that are sold out and are not well designed. If you read my post then I'm sure you noticed I was not disappointed with the bag itself as it is a classic Chanel design, but rather with the treatment it received after the fact with the placement of the charms. As a fellow Chanel handbag lover and owner, it is this haphazard design that saddened me most.

    Sometimes people collect handbags because of their exclusivity or as a status symbol. My question was whether or not this particular bag and its' price tag was justified. Should it be considered trash or a tresure. We can all have different opinions as to whether a bag is "beautiful" or not. I appreciate your time in making this comment. Perhaps it won't be necessary to question my taste when expressing a difference in opinion as taste is ALWAYS that - a matter of OPINION.

    Thank you for reading the blog, though. Come back and express your thoughts as much as you'd like :-)

  3. Sally said...
    Monday, March 30, 2009

    I love chanel! when i like a bag no mather how much its cost i will buy !

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