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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mother's Day Style: Longchamp Nylon Foldable Tote

First let's state the obvious: There are five shopping days left 'till Mother's Day. Still searching? We can only hope not, but I'm sure a few procrastinators are skulking in their chairs and hiding their heads in shame. No need to fret. There is still time to redeem yourselves. How about giving a practical gift that will last long after this Mother's Day is a faint memory. The Longchamp Nylon Foldable Tote is just the ticket.

This lightweight, easily stored tote is a perennial favorite among soccer moms (I have one myself, but, no, I'm not a soccer mom!). It features elongated shoulder straps, zip top closure with metal signature charm pull, and interior patch pocket. Measurements are 19 x 12.5 x 7, but it can fold up and snap closed for convenient storage when not in use. Trust me when I say the Nylon Foldable Tote is perfect for everyday use or as a travel carry-on because it can definitely take a beating.

Available in black, deep red, powder pink, beige or chocolate (Pictured) for a merciful $132 via Saks Fifth Avenue. Take advantage of free shipping now through Wednesday May 9th 1:00pm(ET) (use promo code RUSH4MOM at checkout).


1 Response to "Mother's Day Style: Longchamp Nylon Foldable Tote"
  1. naomi said...
    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    simple yet chic

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