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Monday, June 4, 2007

Bottega Veneta Limited Edition Sac Tresse

Most handbag lovers will agree that Bottega Veneta is in a class all their own. Purveyors of luxury handbags for many years, BV is well known for the use of interciatto on the vast majority of their designs. This weaving technique creates an indelible visual impression leaving collectors yearning for more. Never being one to disappoint, BV designs a few Limited Editions bags every season for those of us that demand the best.

Feast your eyes on the stunning Sac Tresse. Crafted from woven lizard, this delicate pink creation exudes luxury with aged brass hardware, dual adjustable top handles, casual open top, and leather-lined interior with zipped pocket. Each tote comes with a numbered plaque ensuring its' exclusivity.

Now for the the deal-breaker with any LE bag. The price tag on this one is a real bank account buster - $7800 via Bottega Veneta.


1 Response to "Bottega Veneta Limited Edition Sac Tresse"
  1. naomi said...
    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    Wow, I love the size and shape of this bag. I am a fan of Bottega Venneta bags. This bag is a beauty.

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