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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chloé Paddington Leather Satchel

Before I'm stoned or pelted with rotten fruits and vegetables by Chloé handbag lovers everywhere, I'd like to preface the pursuant post with this statement: I have the utmost respect for Chloé handbag designs as a whole. With that said, ladies, I can let all of you in my little secret which I recently shared with ThisNext Blog.

The Chloé Paddington is the bag that launched this humble blog. A heated (but friendly) discussion with an acquaintance and fellow handbag lover over the successful Paddington (she loved it, I didn't) led to my decision to launch my own blog. I enjoy sharing my musings, handbag knowledge, and sometimes impartial opinions about everything in the handbag world. It is this love for what I do that held me back from writing about the Chloé Paddington. I even made a personal promise never to write a review about it, but I realized it's a bit ridiculous to make such a promise and even more incredulous to think I could keep it. So I'm breaking my promise with this review of the Chloé Paddington Leather Satchel.

This Fall offering sticks to the 'Paddington' mold without deviation. By this I mean that rumors concerning the signature padlock being replaced with a less back-breaking option appear to have been just that - rumors. The satchel shape is lovely and flawless. Measuring 17 x 12 x 7, this version will house all your daily essentials with ease. Additional features include dual rolled leather top handles with gold-tone buckle detail (I cringe at the thought of all the aching arms out there!), tonal topstitching, bottom side buckle strap detail, dual zip top with leather tab pulls which come together to a "locked" position if so desired, protective bottom feet, and a canvas-lined interior with zipped pocket for smaller items.

My three pet peeves with this Paddington satchel - (1) canvas lining for a luxury designer bag? I expect something better, (2) silver-tone zipper and accompanying tab hardware when the rest of the bag's hardware (including the conspicuous padlock) is gold (eek!) and (3) the enormous padlock. I'm not against them (my LV Speedy has one), just the impractical size of it. I just don't understand the Paddington's huge following. The leather on these bags is quite wonderful I will admit, but that is all I admire about them. Sorry.

The Paddington Leather Satchel is available to pre-order for $1800 via Saks Fifth Avenue. You can choose from brown or red (shown). I hope I haven't irrevocably offended 'Paddington' owners, but I had to break my promise and be true to myself. Different strokes for different folks, right?


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