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Monday, June 4, 2007

Oscar de la Renta Transparent Tote


I know, a bit dramatic, but deservedly so. Honestly, what is the appeal here? Why would anyone want to give the entire world a peep show into their handbag contents - especially purse snatchers? This trend has always eluded my comprehension, thank goodness. I cannot say the same for one of my all-time favorite fashion designers. Oscar de la Renta has fallen prey to this disastrous trend. Say it ain't so!

The Transparent Tote is made from PVC (gag) with white patent leather trim and features dual shoulder straps with faux tortoise ring detailing, logo-engraved goldtone hexagonal plaque, and magnetic snap closure.

I hope anyone who buys into this trend is a neat freak, or fingers will be pointing their way. ODLR's PVC mistake is currently 50% off (gee, what a surprise!) for $447.50 via Oscar de la Renta.


1 Response to "Oscar de la Renta Transparent Tote"
  1. naomi said...
    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    Cute shape, but I am not a fan of transparent bags.

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