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Monday, June 18, 2007

Spotlight On.....IGNES Handbags

Nowadays, the focus in fashion has shifted from quality designs to producing large quantities with a mass market appeal. This design decline is markedly obvious in the luxury handbag world. Handbags exemplifying quality craftsmanship combined with a modern design aesthetic while retaining a classic appeal are all but extinct. In their stead we get ridiculous-looking bags lacking in quality, but never loosing their sky-high designer price tags. What then is the solution to this bleak future? Creative, thoughtful, functional and reasonable-priced luxury handbags from IGNES Handbags.

The brain child of Uruguayan-born and London-based designer Maria Estrada and her brother Ignacio, IGNES Handbags offers what a modern woman craves in a handbag - "luxurious, quality-led designs for affordable prices". It is, in fact, the modern woman that IGNES had in mind when creating their stunning official launch collection last year. Confident, fashion-conscious women will stand out from the crowd with unique, exclusive handbags that have an interesting story behind them.

The story: Flashback to 2004 when Ignacio, a New York investment banker returning to his native Uruguay, along with sister Maria, a fashionable Londoner working in the art world, conceive the idea that would soon become IGNES Handbags. Through a steady, labor -intensive process of trial and error, this creative team fashioned their first collection and a niche in the handbag world. The results were nothing less than stellar. Each handbag is a fusion of stylish, functional design with unique, hand-picked leathers. An integral part of an IGNES bag is its' origin. Calfskin, pony-hair, ostrich and cowhides used on every IGNES handbag are all by-products of animals bred on free-range farms or "estancias" in South America. In addition, Maria and Ignacio believe in making a positive impact in Uruguay in the hopes that skilled Uruguayan craftsmen (and women!) who work on producing these exclusive creations will shine on an international level. This environmentally and socially-thoughtful philosophy gives the IGNES client a feeling of investing in a fashion piece that goes beyond the norm. This philosophy has also led to IGNES' recent nomination under the "Most Socially Responsible Handbag" category in the First Annual Handbag Designer Awards.

The 'Cecilia' in Golden Honey and The 'Ormala' in Whisky

IGNES Handbags is growing at a meteoric pace. Althought the process of launching and establishing IGNES is hectic, Maria Estrada says..."it's an exciting process so I can't complain". These beautiful handbags need no lengthy explanation. The artistry and careful, practical construction that goes into each and every IGNES bag is plainly evident. When I asked Maria what aspect of IGNES she is most proud of, her answer was as honest and motivated as she is.

"Positive comments from the customer that is really happy with her handbag makes us proud. We look at the bag and see everything that went into it. From handpicking the leathers, to the work by the production team to the marketing, to discussing business plans with our parents (our unofficial consultants), etc: so much hard (team) work goes into each handbag that when you receive an honest amazing customer feedback it makes us proud."

It's no wonder that an IGNES handbag is a stunning, unique work of art tailored for a discerning handbag lover as well as a reflection of its' equally unique designer.

So now that the future of luxury handbags is safe in the hands of IGNES, what is in store for this label and its' sister/brother dynamic duo founders? Expanding to handpicked boutiques around the world while still remaining exclusive. No small feat! Branching into small leather goods, travel and mens' bags are under consideration, and, perhaps, even an IGNES boutique. For now, Maria, Ignacio, and the entire IGNES team are working hard to bring their clientèle functional, reasonably-priced classic handbags with a twist. Thank goodness some designers are still creating for the sheer joy of it.

Be sure to browse the entire IGNES collection here.


1 Response to "Spotlight On.....IGNES Handbags"
  1. naomi said...
    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Love the bags. Very simple yet functional.

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