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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Balenciaga Giant City Handbag

The Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag is a modern classic. While some fellow fashionistas (and bloggers) feel the Moto bags are out of style, I will, respectfully, disagree. A b-bag (how Balenciagas are lovingly referred to by their enthusiastic collectors) is crafted from goatskin leather making it a bag unlike any other. Over the past 5 years, several styles have emerged from the Motorcycle collection. Some remain while others have been unceremoniously discontinued. The "City" remains Balenciaga's best seller by far. It's perfect size and removable shoulder strap make it the ideal b-bag. Black has emerged as the classic color to start off a collection with. While the standard brass hardware has sufficed for many years, it wasn't until this past Spring that the Moto Bags received an overdue makeover.

Balenciaga introduced giant gold-tone hardware as an option on several of the Moto Bag styles. Celebrities fell instantly in love and embraced the "bling" bags with open arms. For the Fall season, Balenciaga has given its core fan base an additional choice in the form of giant silver-tone hardware. Ladies everywhere are swooning with delight. Collectors are positioning themselves to snatch up the most desirable colors that sport the new hardware while Balenciaga newbies are attracted by the sophisticated look this new option provides the classic Moto Bags.

If you've hesitated indulging in Balenciaga, now is the time to take the plunge. A classic Giant City Handbag is as good as it gets, ladies. Available for $1635 via Diabro.


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