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Friday, July 13, 2007

Biba Metallic Clutch

Back in the swinging 60s, Biba was a force to be reckoned with. This fashion label provided young women with affordable, chic clothing modeled after Paris fashions that were mostly out of reach. The London-based Biba was a popular stomping ground for chic, working-class women, but fizzled out during the late 70s. Relaunched last year under the creative direction of London-based designer Bella Freud (yes, she's related to Sigmund), Biba is looking to cause the same buzz it did over 40 years ago. Their recent Spring 07 collection was wonderful, and most of the designs from their handbag collection are stylishly safe. So what possessed this on-track relaunch to defile several of their bags in this egregious manner? Just look at the Biba Metallic Clutch and wonder along with me.

This awful clutch, available in pink or bronze metallic leather (both shown), features an inexplicably large gold-tone "B" on the bag's front foldover flap. What is it with Biba? They're like that obnoxious kid in school that always taunted his friends with a "My toy is bigger than your toy" chant. Honestly! In case you're still interested in this hag bag, it has a tucked-in shoulder strap and cloth-lined interior with zip pocket. Measurements are 13 x 6 x 2 - just big enough to use as a club so you can beat anyone who has the guts to buy this thing over the head with.

The Biba Metallic Clutch is available $550 via Neiman Marcus, but, please, don't go there.


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