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Monday, July 2, 2007

Celebrity Style: Gucci Vintage Speedy Doctor Bag

Photo via Teddy & Moo's Place

Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of my all-time favorite actresses (severely underrated). Always beautiful, always fashionable, SMG shows women everywhere how to achieve effortlessly chic style. Just look at this photo of the lovely Sarah shopping while toting a handbag classic.

This vintage Gucci Speedy Doctor Bag was a staple during the 80s, and SMG knows that an oldie but goodie bag is better than some trendy, everyone-has-this-bag selection. While I love adding new pieces to my collection, there is certainly nothing wrong with revisiting old favorites. Carrying a classic, well-maintained handbag never goes out of style. So dig inside your closet and pull out that old bag you thought was "so yesterday" and give your current outfit a retro look.

Here is a bit of advice for those of you that don't own older designer bags and would like to - eBay. It can be a great resource or an absolute nightmare. Do your homework, research, and you'll be sure to find a real treasure. On-line vintage shops are a wonderful option, but prices can get a bit steep. Try your local consignment or vintage clothing shops and you'd be surprised what might fall right in your hands. Revisit the classics, ladies, and you wont go wrong. Happy hunting!


1 Response to "Celebrity Style: Gucci Vintage Speedy Doctor Bag"
  1. Ayush said...
    Friday, July 06, 2007

    I recently purchased a leather handbag from Maxwell Scott, its called "The Romola", it is an amazing piece, I have been using it everyday and have forgotten all those popular brands.
    They also offerred me a 2yr. guarantee.

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