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Friday, July 27, 2007

Chanel Caviar Vanity Bag

When I first saw this classic Caviar Vanity Bag from Chanel I was reminded of my very first vanity case. It was a small, pink Hello Kitty bag with a shiny, black patent leather top. Oh how I loved that bag. I took it everywhere filled to the brim with small nail polish bottles, plastic gum ball machine jewelry and left-over lipstick samples my mother received from her Avon lady. Please excuse my trip down memory lane, ladies, but I promise I'm working my way to a point. Even though I adored my oh so stylish Hello Kitty bag, I still appreciated my mother's classic vanity cases and made a vow to own one just like them. So here I am almost 30 years later, and I'm lugging a black Samsonite toiletry case around when I travel. Ugh!

Now to address this dainty pink delight. Crafted from leather and measuring 16.5 x 16 x 12, the Caviar Vanity Bag features a flip top with bronze zip closure and leather pull tab, finely stitched Chanel logo on the front and cream-color lined interior with an open top ruched pocket. While it's not as "hip" as my Hello Kitty bag was, it's just as adorable and certainly a step up the fashion ladder. Available for $607 via Diabro.


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