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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Deal Of The Day: Outrageous Fendi Spy Bag Sale at JOMASHOP

This is one heck of an amazing sale at JOMASHOP. I lost out the last time it came around, and, as you'll see, many of the more elusive Spy Bags are already out-of-stock. As of the time of this post's publishing, the following colors and styles are still available. Do not hesitate, or they'll be gone. I already splurged (and saved big) on the brown version. As always, I only post sales from reputable, authentic on-line retailers. Beware of fakes, ladies. They're everywhere. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Clockwise from Top Center:

"Wisteria" Spy Satchel - Reg. Price: $3090 Now:$1448

Brown Spy Satchel - Reg. Price:$2300 Now:$1440

Grey Spy Satchel - Reg. Price:$2300 Now:$1080

Denim Spy Satchel - Reg.Price:$1990 Now:$950

Zucca Baby Spy Bag - Reg. Price:$1190 Now:$728

White Spy Satchel - Reg. Price:$2300 Now:$1495

Black Spy Satchel - Reg. Price:$2300 Now:$1440

Free shipping and no sales tax except if shipped within New york. Amazing deal!


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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007
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