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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mary Jo Matsumoto Infinity Clutch

Handbags have become disposable items that are cast aside just as easily as a pair of old, worn-out shoes. Unfortunately, designers who peddle trendy, impractical bags every season are a dime a dozen. A glimmer of hope, however, exists in the form of creative, socially responsible designers like Mary Jo Matsumoto. Few designers take on the task of conceiving and producing elegant handbags nowadays. Fortunately, Mary Jo not only accepted the challenge but embraced it with open arms and an open mind. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Respect to classic handbag design combined with thoughtful use of eco-friendly techniques and materials produced a beautiful bag.

The Infinity Clutch is aptly named. The overall design evokes a timeless, classic look worthy of "heirloom" status. Its' vintage-inspired frame top and kiss-lock closure are a lovely, feminine touch. The gentle ruched exterior is subtle and pleasing. Clad in Italian patent leather and lined with eco-friendly, hand-printed suede in a textile of Mary Jo's design, the 'Infinity' achieves handbag perfection.

To purchase the Infinity Clutch, available in 8 stunning colors including plum, candy pink, marine, marigold, espresso, white, black and red and priced between $375-400, contact MJM via e-mail at You can find out more about Mary Jo, her designs and socially conscious philosophy on her website. Be sure to visit her fun, stylish blog, Trust Your Style, as well.


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