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Friday, August 3, 2007

Tod's Luna Nylon Media Bag

I've only recently come to appreciate the beauty and practicality of owning a nylon handbag. For anyone that lives in Florida, it can come as no surprise that summer afternoons mean torrential downpours. Since the world stops spinning for no one, I am often forced to continue my schedule of errands under such pleasant circumstances. These tropical storms preclude my ability to venture out of my home with a leather designer handbag in tow. I can still remember the first time I was caught at the mall during a thunderstorm with my beloved Balenciaga. I sat on a bench and waited 45 minutes for the rains to cease for fear my lovely bag would get even a drop of water on it. This may sound crazy to many of you more practical (an less anal) ladies out there, but, trust me, I know quite a few fellow bagistas that carry a garbage bag inside their purses for just such an eventuality!

Seeing as my days are busy blogging, running around, and shuttling my son to play dates and other events, I would greatly benefit from owning a nice nylon messenger bag. The Luna Nylon Media Bag by Tod's fits the bill perfectly. An amply-sized 16 x 11.5 x 4.7 nylon exterior featuring gold-tone hardware, patent leather-trimmed outer zip pockets, adjustable patent leather shoulder strap, wrap-around zipper for bag-extending capacity, zip top closure and satin-lined interior with patent trimmed pocket provides women on the go (like me!) with a highly functional bag. My only criticism lies in the bag's lack of style. Thankfully, Tod's offers this design in black and berry (both shown) which gives ladies a couple of options. While the black version is fine, it does seem a bit boring. I much rather prefer the berry color. It's bright enough to pop against most outfits yet just the right shade of red that appears muted and refined.

For $875 via eLUXURY, the Luna Nylon Media Bag is priced reasonably when taking the "Tod's" brand name into account, which, of course, is always a major factor when pricing designer handbags.


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