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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Collection: The Surreal Life

For those that arrived late to Marc Jacobs' much anticipated show Monday evening, it must have seemed like they got there just in time to catch the end of the show. You see, at the point which marked the beginning of the event (two hours late!), Marc jumped onto the runway to applause and confusion. Isn't the designer supposed to come out at the end of the show? Well, yes, but it's Marc Jacobs, folks, so all bets are off. The collection filed out from last look to first look with Ravel's Boléro playing in the background, sending those in attendance on a journey into Mr. Jacobs' surreal world. Not only were the outfits being shown in descending order, the models themselves were being shown in decreasing states of undress.

The color palette, at some points quite dark with burgundy, black and purple taking the lead, slowly softened to reveal a sea of sheer nudes and pastels. The collection, comprised mostly of "statement" pieces, offered a revealing look into the underbelly - or undergarments - of the fashion world. There were many pieces that will certainly make their way to a store near you. Lovely jackets, which Marc is famous for, as well as slinky dresses and tailored pants were tame enough to appeal to his more practical and less artistically-inclined followers. If you think I've painted a sufficiently surreal picture of Marc Jacobs' Spring '08 collection, trust me, it's about to get even better.

The handbags were, for lack of a better word, amazing. This is without a doubt Marc's best handbag collection to date (including his efforts at Louis Vuitton). I haven't been shy of professing my disappointment with his 2007 (both spring and fall) bags. The Stam (every hideous incarnation of it) made me want to run and hide. I can finally come out and breathe a sigh of relief because spring is truly looking like the season for handbag collectors everywhere to stock up on worthy additions. Let's break it down, shall we? I'll start with the colorful display of clutches that made their way down the runway. The dainty pouches adorned with a jeweled frog (or is it a toad?) and topped with a handy wristlet are a girly girl's dream. A re-interpretation of Marc's famous quilted bags are delivered in eye-popping candy colors.

A couple of bags, namely the floral print frame bag with hanging threads and a "Chanel-esque" quilted handbag with lace-thru chain and leather strap, seemed out of place even in this surreal world. Of course, I've saved the best for last. A host of cheerful totes with frame tops and long, detachable shoulder straps will sell like hotcakes, and deservedly so. These practical bags will bring life to any outfit from March straight through to September. The smaller handbags attached to these totes once again feature jeweled frogs on the tab closures and frame top clasps. The lace or large tonal studs that make up their exteriors are fanciful and luxurious - perfect for spring. I'm not certain whether or not the frogs will see the lights of a boutique or department store, but I hope they do. Those little critters are adorable and fun. Marc Jacobs has a sense of humor? Now that is the most surreal part of this entire story.

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