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Monday, September 10, 2007

Michael Kors Spring 2008 Collection: Revisiting The 70s In Style

This collection exudes a commanding sense of style - 70s style, that is. I love it all. Every single pastel-print dress, hip-hugging tennis skirt, piece of jewelry, wide brim hat and pair of funky wedges. What about the handbags? Well, the jury is still officially out on this latest batch featured in Michael Kors' Spring '08 collection. While the color palette for the bags was in keeping with Michael's sporty 70s theme - pinks, greens, whites, blacks and touches of gold everywhere - I'm not sure these complimentary bags will translate well outside the scope of Kors' collection. The shapes are clever updates of classic 70s handbag silhouettes - the messenger bag, satchel and disco-staple clutch. The hardware, particularly on the croc-embossed green shoulder bag, is bold yet refined. Most of the bags can be incorporated into an existing wardrobe of muted tones - creams and browns and, of course, blacks and whites - but might not merit the expenditure if they end up being priced over the $1000 mark. There are simply too many other selections they'll have to compete against.

So, while I'd buy any look in Michael Kors' 70s-loving collection without hesitation, I must withhold my final take on his handbags until next year when their true fashion worth will become clear.

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