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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Paul & Joe Mermaid Bag

A handbag that dresses up a tank top and a pair of jeans just as easily as toning down a sophisticated LBD is a rare creation and worthy of attention. If you look closely at the Paul & Joe Mermaid Bag, you'll notice a bit of classic chic and rock-n-roll lies within its' pleated folds. Designer Sophie Albou instills a wonderful retro vibe in all her designs, and the 'Mermaid' is no exception. The metallic leather exterior is distressed just enough to give this shoulder bag a "downtown" feel. The dual rolled leather shoulder strap and ultra-feminine pleated front knot are elegant touches that push the 'Mermaid' "uptown". How fun would it be to see two very different women at, for example, a gallery opening toting the exact same bag and having both women looking totally fabulous and at home with said handbag hanging from their shoulders? I think that's what fashion is all about - especially the world of handbags. Sophisticated uptown girls as well as chic downtown gals sharing a passion for fashion (including the same taste in handbags) and pulling off their respective looks off without a hitch. Which category do you fall into? It really doesn't matter because the Mermaid Bag will look fantastic on anyone. This great silver/beige combination is available for a fairly reasonable $458 via Shopbop.


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