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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Zac Posen Spring 2008 Collection: Monsters and Shakers

The inspiration for a designer's collection usually involves an interesting if not esoteric journey. With his Spring '08 collection, Zac Posen definitely chose a distinctly esoteric path to achieve fashion perfection. How else can we, his willing and waiting audience, reconcile the "Shakers" meets "Prairie Maiden" theme? The collection covered a gambit of interpretations within the Shakers theme. Posen started the show off with a perforated vest and pant set atop a white blouse and polished off with a woven, feather-accented prairie hat. Can we say "Scary old man from the Poltergeist movies"? It was creepy chic thrown into battle with its polar opposite - an angelic white prairie dress re-interpreted in a sheer, fitted silhouette. It's genius, but I still don't get it. The point is we don't have to "get it" to appreciate its' inherent value. Will these almost literal translations of an interesting theme transition well into the modern world they're meant to inhabit? Totally.

As for Posen's evening wear (his bread-n-butter), there was nothing esoteric there except for a few gowns thrown in at the end which seemed to recall the stormy, grey skies of the Great Plains. No one does modern, sexy and chic better than Zac Posen. So this collection, from monsters to maidens to red carpet sirens, took one heck of a journey, but came home safely and into our waiting arms.

Wait! What about the handbags? No worries, ladies. I didn't forget. I merely saved the best for last. I can finally announce that Posen has abandoned the "granny" bags. Yes!!! In their stead we're given a host of sleek, modern designs all of which are stunning in their simplicity. The color palette was dominated once again by camel-colored pieces with some mustard, turquoise and the requisite black/white combination thrown in for variety. Structured handbags clad in exotic skins or detailed with embossed emblems and perforations demonstrated how far Posen has in fact deviated from his successful handbag designs and taken a risk. It's a risk, I believe, that will be handsomely rewarded. Now I don't know many prairie maidens that carry briefcase-like totes, but there must be some out there, right? If not, the rest of us, monsters and shakers, will scoop up his handbags without hesitation.

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