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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Resort Bags Gone Wrong: Fendi Sequined Baulotto Grande Selleria Bag & Valentino Straw and Patent Histoire Bag

Two of my all-time favorite handbag designs, the Fendi Selleria and Valentino Histoire, have received rather suspect make-overs from their respective houses for the upcoming resort season. By suspect I mean awful. Visually, they're as unappealing as a root canal without anesthesia.
Let's begin with the Fendi Sequined Baulotto Grande Selleria Bag. Fendi continues their fall collection's debacle straight into resort with this nauseating design. White zucca-print leather (alone, not bad) is covered here and there with a barrage of multicolored sequins (very bad!). There is not much I can elaborate on with this bag, The overall style remains the same. It's a shame they insist on trashing one of their best selling styles in such a manner. What's even more insulting is the inconceivable price tag - $3980 via Neiman Marcus. Wa, wa, what??? $4k for this thing? I think I just felt a virtual slap in the face.

Moving on to the next hag bag brings me to the real disappointment of the day. While I've grown to expect such heinous designs from Fendi as of late, Valentino's unnecessary re-dressing of the Histoire Bag is by far the worst offender. The 'Histoire', Valentino's hit bag last season, receives a beating in the way of combining straw and patent leather for a truly yucky exterior. I would not be caught dead on vacation with this bag. I'd rather carry a $5 fanny pack than this. Perhaps the effect would not have been so offensive if the straw exterior remained alone with some patent leather piping and top handles. Instead, the calculated use of black patent leather on the pockets, tab closure and side reinforcements gives the Straw and Patent Histoire Bag a hodgepodge look that cannot justify its' price tag - $1795 via Neiman Marcus. Since this design is only available to pre-order, I can only hope and pray no one will fall for the trappings of such a useless bag. There are plenty of other options to be had. Stay tuned...

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1 Response to "Resort Bags Gone Wrong: Fendi Sequined Baulotto Grande Selleria Bag & Valentino Straw and Patent Histoire Bag"
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    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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