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Friday, December 21, 2007

Celebrity Style: Nicky Hilton and the Valentino Nuage Bag

Nicky Hilton photo via Celebutopia

I'm usually not a fan of Nicky Hilton's style. It's mostly all over the place, and I can't seem to grasp where she's coming from fashion-wise. With that said, her handbag collection (quite extensive even by my standards) is comprised of the crème de la crème from the world's most renowned handbag designers. Recently, Ms. Hilton took time out for a shopping trip clad in head-to-toe rocker chic duds. The finishing touch was her attention-grabbing Valentino Nuage Bag.

This popular design was featured prominently at the Valentino Spring '08 show and with good reason. Its' relaxed shape is striking without being too structured and stuffy. Now that's what I look for in a hobo. It's a modern interpretation of the classic hobo look yet doesn't take itself too seriously. Case in point - the whimsical side bow detail has the potential of making the 'Nuage' seem clownish, but its' position and size are appropriate and definitely not over the top. As a whole, the Valentino Nuage Bag, with its' lacquered cotton exterior and roomy 15 x 9 x 7 size, is a worthy investment for any handbag collector. Priced at $1195 via Neiman Marcus, the Valentino 'Nuage' might very well make a dent in your bank account but just imagine how chic you'll look carrying it. I dare say Nicky Hilton wouldn't look as good as some of the sassy fashionistas I know.

*Note to the house of Valentino: Please make this beauty in various exotic skins so I can truly drool with envy.*


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