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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weekly Fashion Blog Bazaar

Designer Tips hearts the Burberry Heather Tote and so do we.

Lifestyle Buzz extols the virtues of celebrity fave Alterna Ten Shampoo.

Find out which ‘cruise’ handbags rate the best at What's Haute.

Designer Sense has all the details on Chantecaille’s latest beauty product.

Discover Incoco’s Dry Nail Applique at The Beauty Counter.

Fashionably Cute has the scoop on Louis Vuitton’s latest handbag and accessories launch – it’s all cute!

Diva In A Carry On found the perfect carry on tote for those divas who want their travel accessories to have a “purpose”.
Pink Rock Candy brings us news of Target’s latest designer collaboration.

Feast your eyes on Estee Lauder’s exotic Butterfly Compact over at Designer Planet.

Shop Adasa’s massive sale courtesy of Fashion Fling.

Elite Choice spotlights Cartier’s stunning and very expensive Anne Moen Bullitt royal diamond necklace.

Discover the unique Dior Python Babe Bag at Style Talk.

So Frugalicious shows us how to be frugal and look fabulous for the upcoming holiday party season.

Find out how to get the “Charlotte Ronson” look at GLAM & TONIC.

Spork Fashion reviews The Tokyo Look Book. Find out if this selection is worth your time and money.


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  1. junation said...
    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    Some cool blogs. I've been reading them

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