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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Word to All Señora Cartera Readers...

While I firmly believe in free speech and respect the opinions left in comments on the site, I've recently become more and more bombarded by comments left to illicit visits to retail sites. I will be perfectly clear - I have no problem with designers or legitimate e-tailers leaving comments for link-backs on any post. However, I will not accept comments from sites that specialize in the sale of replica, inspired or, heaven forbid, fake handbags. I am against the sale of these bags and would not recommend them to my readers as many of them border on trademark infringement.

To make certain these type of comments are not published, I will be enabling the "comment moderation" setting. I apologize to all my loyal readers whose comments I enjoy and value immensely. Please continue to leave comments (even anonymous readers) as this admonishment is not directed to all of you. I will continue to publish all comments (even those that disagree (even strongly) with my own). I know other sites pick and choose which comments are ultimately published, but not on Señora Cartera. Even if you think I have horrible taste in handbags, your comment will see the light of day. All I ask is that comments refrain from name-calling. There is no need to stoop to those tactics. If an opinion is valid, it doesn't require such "embellishments" to garner support.

I'll get off my soap box now. Thank you all for supporting Señora Cartera with your readership.


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