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Monday, July 28, 2008

Louis Vuitton Handbags: Marc Jacobs/Richard Prince Collaboration Collection


Louis Vuitton creative director, Marc Jacobs, is the reigning king of collaborative designs. His Spring 2008 collection for the French design house contained a slew of handbags influenced by the works of controversial American artist Richard Prince. Best known for his 're-photography' works which sparked many copyright lawsuits, Prince can now add fashion designer to his resume.

Several of these collaboration handbags are available for purchase on-line. The 'Afterdark' clutch which I reviewed last week is your best investment. There are other Monogram Motard bags that are true collector's items, but ,at a coma-inducing $5400, the 'Firebird' is not one of them. The less popular Monogram Bonbon line spawned a sweet pochette that's surprisingly roomy ($1470). The Monogram Watercolor Speedy 35, sure to become the most popular bag of this artistic collaboration, is a beautiful rendition of Louis Vuitton's iconic handbag ($1270). However, my favorite piece is the Monogram Jokes 'Mancrazy' Bag.

I was less than impressed with the Jokes line when we previewed it during the Spring 2008 runway show. Then, just the other day, I spotted a lady carrying the 'Mancrazy' at my local Barnes & Noble. It's a gorgeous bag in person. I could do without the namesake jokes printed on the bag's exterior, but it does not detract from the design's overall beauty and quality. It's a steep buy at $2710, but I can certainly understand why women will spend that amount on it. Visit to view the Marc Jacobs/Richard Prince collaboration handbags which are currently available for purchase.


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