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Friday, August 8, 2008

Celebrity Style: Rachel Bilson and the Jimmy Choo Diane Fringed Hobo

Rachel Bilson Photo via Celebutopia

I feel sorry for celebrities sometimes. They get stuck having to sign autographs, and, more often than not, they're not even for real 'fans' just sleazy paparazzi guys trying to make a quick buck. They are in the public eye, however, so I suppose it comes with the territory. Let's face it, if these photographers weren't out there following celebs around we'd never get photos of them carrying around such sought after arm candy.

Last week I brought you a sampling of Jimmy Choo's fall collection. The Diane Fringed Hobo was one of the bags several of you wrote to me about, and I felt it necessary to show you just how yummy this sold-out bag really is. Just look at how fab Rachel Bilson looks toting the hippie-chic hobo as she does her celebrity autograph signing duties. It's a pity the photo was taken at night or we'd truly be able to appreciate the 'Diane's' attributes. Fringe detailing throughout sets this design apart from the rest of Jimmy Choo's collection. This is the perfect blend of modern comfort and retro elements for all the vintage-inspired handbag lovers out there. The 'Diane', measuring 16 x 15, is a doozy of a bag, but we love big bags here, right? A large front zip pocket as well as interior zip pocket round out this hobo's practical features.

You can be placed on a wait list for the Diane Fringed Hobo Bag ($1495) through your local boutique or contact Jimmy Choo via their website to find out when it'll be available again on-line.


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