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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Celebrity Style: Selena Gomez and the Coach Luci Leather Domed Satchel

Selena Gomez photo via Celebutopia

Seeing as how I'm currently toting around a Coach bag, it's only fitting I write about one of their bags in my "Celebrity Style" feature. I won't pretend I know who this lovely, dark-haired young lady is because I don't have a clue. I only recently figured out that Hanna Montana and Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter are one in the same. What can I say, I'm not hip anymore :-( Ask me anything about New Kids on the Block and I'll spaz out like a love-sick teenager, but question me on my knowledge of The Jonas Brothers and it's a trip to the old folks home for me.

Let's get back to the celebrity teen pictured above. Her name is Selena Gomez and she's another Disney phenom in case you're as clueless as I am. None of that interests me since I'm in my 30s. What does interest me is her chic and very practical Coach Luci Leather Domed Satchel. The fact that this bag looks just as good on the arm of a teenager as it would on her mom's is a testament to what thoughtful handbag design can produce.

Measuring 16 x 11 x 6, this leather satchel is accented with brass hardware throughout and features no less than half a dozen pockets for your storing pleasure. Two front pockets (one zipped, the other with a turn lock) and a rear patch pocket comprise the 'Luci's' exterior storage options. A dual zipped top opens up to a fabric-lined interior with zipped and pouch pockets to house keys, a cell phone and other small items. The Coach Luci Leather Domed Satchel is the quintessential day bag - stylish and functional. You can choose the 'Luci' in a beautiful walnut brown or opt for Miss Gomez' black version.

Available for $798 via Coach's website


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