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Friday, August 15, 2008

Gustto Piuso Bag

Since it's Friday, I'm bestowing a token of my appreciation upon all of you for the weekend. I'm giving everyone the gift of wisdom (mostly because I couldn't possibly afford to give each and every one of you a designer bag). 'What is this morsel of knowledge and what makes it such a great gift' you may be asking yourselves right about now? Well, it's very simple - the best, most unique and luxurious bags I've ever owned weren't super high-end designer bags. Some of the handbags I treasure most possess all the qualities you'd come to expect of a designer handbag, but are from designers who were mostly unknown at the time I purchased the bags. This can seem like a big gamble to some of you, but great craftsmanship, quality materials and creative designs are not exclusive traits of iconic label handbags.

This is where my gift of wisdom becomes reality in the form of the Gustto Piuso Bag. It's a classic, beige shoulder bag crafted from supple metallic leather, accented with patent trim and decorated with a lovely resin buckle on the large, fold-over flap. Measuring 15.5 x 11 x 8, the 'Piuso' makes a great day bag, and the three large interior compartments only add to the bag's functional appeal. Although they say the best things in life are free, this particular gift does incur a cost to receive - a reasonable $532 (originally $760). There you go, ladies. You get handbag wisdom, a recommendation for a fabulous handbag at a relatively affordable price and my wishes for a great weekend all rolled into one. Enjoy!

Gustto Piuso Bag available on sale via Active Endeavors


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