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Friday, August 15, 2008

Kara Ross Handbags

Leave it to Sari Brown, founder and owner of LuxCouture, to always spot an up-n-coming designer when they're perched on the edge of success. Sari's discerning eye for luxurious handbags brings us yet another accessories designer worthy of attention. Feast your eyes on these sophisticated, exotic clutches from NY-based designer Kara Ross. Known for her unique jewelry collection, Kara is slowly carving an equally impressive niche for herself in the designer handbag world. One look at this collection of clutches will leave no doubt Ms. Ross has a fabulous sense of style which she imbues in every one of her designs.

I'm particularly enamored with the Red Lizard Melitta Clutch. The bold color, semiprecious stone embellishment and lux lizard exterior make for a low-key statement bag that will remain an integral part of your handbag collection for years to come. This collection ranges in price from $800-$1600. Browse the Kara Ross handbag collection at LuxCouture or visit Kara's website to view all her stunning accessories.

1. Orange Lizard Luxus Clutch - $800
2. Pearlized Navy Lizard Luxus Clutch - $1045
3. Natural Ring Lizard with brown Alligator Clutch - $1600
4. Cobalt Gold Lizard Melitta Clutch - $1285


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