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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

YSL Besace Flap Messenger Bags

Last week I told you about my love for messenger bags and how scarce they'd been for many years. Now they seem to be popping up everywhere. One of my favorite designer labels, YSL, has re-interpreted this relaxed style and transformed it into a true luxury item. From bronzed to croc-embossed leather, the YSL Besace Flap Messenger is nothing short of spectacular. The adjustable shoulder strap gives it versatility and its' 11.5 x 9 x 4 size makes it quite roomy for this sort of style. It's not a flat messenger (my favorite type), but the extra space will appeal to a larger group of women who might have otherwise dismissed the messenger style altogether. If you don't have one yet, ladies, you should and who better than YSL to be your "first";-)

YSL Besace Flap Messenger Bags via Saks Fifth Avenue:
Dark-brown or red-brown croc-stamped leather messenger for
Bronze leather messenger for
Sky Anthracite croc-stamped leather available to pre-order for


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