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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Majorelle Bag

While out shopping with a friend recently, we happened to stumble upon the handbag department at Saks (wonder how that happened ;-)). My girlfriend looked over most of the bags with comments ranging from "This is too far out there for me" to "This looks like something my grandmother would like" which, in her book, means the kiss of death for said bag. As we neared the YSL section (my favorite) we both locked onto the Majorelle Bag. It was sitting there dressed in a lovely shade of beige, and my friend said, "I love this bag, but is it too "granny"?" My response was a resounding "NO".

How could anyone compare this sophisticated beauty to a "granny bag" (no offense to all the wonderful grandmothers out there). The 'Majorelle' has a classic, structured exterior and lovely framed top that harks back to an era when our grandmothers were young and stylish, but that's just the point. They carried similar designs when they were OUR age. Great designs need not change over time because they're timeless.

The "granny bag" debate led me to look up the Majorelle Bag on-line. Just in time for fall, this winning YSL design is done up in a luscious shade of magenta. It's the perfect bag for women who love elegant handbags, but don't want to look like they're on their way to play a game of Canasta with the gals. Carry the YSL Majorelle Bag without worry, ladies, 'cause she ain't no "granny bag".

Available for $1395 via Saks Fifth Avenue


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