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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Burberry Spring 2009 Collection: Ladies Who Puddle Jump

Ladies who puddle jump? Huh? OK, OK, let me explain the title I chose. Imagine a chic fashionista walking to a spring luncheon with friends when, suddenly, the skies open up and a downpour ensues. This lovely lady sprints down the street wearing a gorgeous trench coat and puddle-jumps her way to her destination. She finally arrives, greets her friends, removes her coat and realizes the hem of her skirt is covered in a mixture of water and mud. What a sight to see, right? Well, ladies, there is no need to imagine this scenario. Burberry's Spring 2009 Collection brings us a rather interesting grouping of trenches, tight pants and dyed frocks meant to evoke thoughts of rainy days and earthy-hued clothing.

I'll go on the record as saying I'm quite fond of this collection. It's a bit 'quirky' yet refined. The fabrics employed throughout are nothing short of fabulous. If you love a Burberry coat as much as I do, you'll positively fall in love with the ones awaiting us for spring. My particular favorite, a metallic grey heavily embroidered coat, is the sort of piece that will serve you well for many years - it's that timeless.

I'm even more excited by the direction Burberry is taking with their handbag line. For those of you that haven't followed Burberry for some time, let me tell you they're not just about Nova Check bags anymore. These classics have undergone a modern transformation and are now sought after by celebrities and serious fashionistas alike. Spring 2009 promises a collection of roomy totes clad in everything from leather to exotic skins in earthy tones that will leave you wanting more. Long, simple clutches are also part of this creative collection and will certainly come in handy for any puddle-jumping fashionista that don't mind actually getting a little dirt on her designer duds or purposely looking like she did.

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1 Response to "Burberry Spring 2009 Collection: Ladies Who Puddle Jump"
  1. Martha said...
    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    I am obsessed with the new burberry line, the fabrics, colors, all wonderful

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