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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Derek Lam Spring 2009 Collection: Sophisticated Serenity

Derek Lam's Spring '09 Collection is floating in a sea of serenity. Muted neutral tones, flowing pieces and inspired detailing make his collection both appealing and functional. More jumpsuits and rompers seem to indicate that these throwback designs are emerging as a definite trend. I'm still on the fence about these looks, but Lam casts a spell that transforms them into rather sophisticated pieces. His use of cinch ties throughout most of the collection is inspired and infuses a youthful and practical feel to these otherwise simple silhouettes.
I could see these clothes working well on a wide range of body types, so a big thanks to Mr. Lam for thinking of women who aren't a size 2 when designing this collection. If you think I've touched upon the best part of Lam's runway show, just look at the handbags we can expect to see come spring.
This peek at Lam's latest handbag endeavor demonstrates his progression in the realm of design. The bags are complimentary pieces to his collection yet reflect Lam's thoughtful creative process. Shoulder bags, dual purposed clutches and a cinched-top hobo with gunmetal hardware are elegant stand-alone pieces as well as tying in beautifully with this collection.

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