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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Designer Handbag Services: Repair, Resale and eBay

If you've purchased an authentic designer handbag, the story doesn't end there. These expensive investments require care in order to maintain their high-end look. Sometimes you can get carried away in amassing a large and costly collection. Thoughts of parting ways with some of your bags are inevitable, and there will be times when you'll fall in love with a sold-out or out-of-season bag and you'll become desperate to locate and buy it. The world of designer handbags can become a maze of confusion, but there are alternatives to frustration in the form of designer handbag services. The ones most often needed by designer handbag owners are repair, resale (consignment) and eBay or other private e-tailers for second-hand purchasing.

Repair: Even the most expensive, well-crafted designer handbag needs TLC to look and feel as fabulous as the day you bought it. There are hundreds of products available to help your handbags stay new. My personal favorites are the cleansing products from Lovin My Bags.
This site sells various products to clean and care for designer handbags, and Barbara Crouthamel, founder of LMB, along with her knowledgeable staff run the LMB Spa, a place where you can send in your handbags for treatments specifically formulated to restore them to their original beauty. You can visit the Lovin My Bags blog to keep abreast of the latest information regarding designer handbag care.

Resale: When your closet starts to overflow with too many handbags (we could all be so lucky), re-selling your handbags is a great way of ridding yourself of surplus bags or outdated bags while recouping some or sometimes even all of your original investment. The best way to do this is by putting your bags up for consignment. Selling on eBay is another possibility which can be very lucrative, but the seller assumes full responsibility for the entire transaction which is not something I favor at all. Consignment takes the burden of selling away from the owner. Someone else does all the dirty work for you for a pre-set fee or commission. My favorite on-line consignors are Ann's Fabulous Finds and Real Deal Collection.

Ann's Fabulous Finds sells and consigns a myriad of designer labels from Coach to Chanel and all types of products from handbags to jewelry to apparel. Real Deal Collection specializes in reselling and consigning Balenciaga handbags and accessories. Both are highly reputable and service-oriented companies that will get you top dollar for your designer handbags.

eBay: I will preface this segment of my post by issuing a warning - BEWARE OF eBAY! While there are many honest sellers that offer only authentic designer handbags up for sale, they are few and far between. Unfortunately, most eBay sellers deal in fakes. Many buyers (especially the inexperienced ones) end up spending hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on what end up being fake (and illegal) handbags. My advice is to stay away from eBay if you're looking to purchase authentic designer handbags. Unless you have reliable recommendations that lead you to reputable sellers, chances are you'll end up a statistic, with no handbag and little recourse to recoup your money.

Remember, ladies, a designer handbag is a precious investment so care for it, and perhaps when you're ready to part ways you'll make certain it finds a new and equally caring owner.


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