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Monday, September 15, 2008

Devi Kroell Spring 2009 Collection: A Chic Surprise

So you're probably wondering why I gave this post the title "A Chic Surprise". It's not that I'm surprised Devi Kroell, handbag designer extraordinaire, is capable of creating some of the most luxurious bags imaginable, but that she's also managed to design a ready-to-wear collection that, for a freshman effort, is amazingly polished and chic. The Devi Kroell Spring 2009 Collection features a group of handbags that is in keeping with what we've come to expect of this talented designer. Exotic skins adorn her deftly-designed totes, hobos and clutches. No surprises here, and that's fine. The surprise is how wearable her clothing is. Any woman could incorporate one or all of Devi's looks into her wardrobe with ease. They exude a timeless quality that anyone who's accustomed to a simple, chic style will naturally gravitate toward. From blouses and cami's to tailored yet comfortable pants and sophisticated dresses, it's no exaggeration when I say I want every piece in this collection. This designer has done what more experienced and schooled peers take several seasons to prove - she's got talent and knows how to use it. Not that Devi Kroell needs my approval, but she's got it. With this collection, she can proudly add the moniker of "fashion designer" to her resume.

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