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Friday, September 5, 2008

Fendi Selleria Hobo vs. Dior Ethnic Hobo

While I'm tempted to compare and contrast the Fendi Selleria Hobo with the Dior Ethnic Hobo, I'm afraid there really is no comparison to be made except to say they're both hobos and they're both done in black. The Fendi Selleria Hobo is the definite winner in this fight. Its' supple leather, minimal hardware and refined, equestrian-inspired design make the 'Selleria' the more sophisticated choice. Dior's Ethnic Hobo is trying too hard to be chic. The whipstitching and grommets make this bag look busy and dated. It's lined in nylon and is smaller than the 'Selleria'. When compared to the 'Selleria', the 'Ethnic' will always look like a failed attempt at modern sophistication. It's OK. Fendi got it right and Dior didn't. At least the Ethnic Hobo is considerably less expensive than its' counterpart.

Fendi Selleria Hobo - $1460 via eLUXURY
Dior Ethnic Hobo - $795 via eLUXURY


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