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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Giorgio Armani Spring 2009 Collection: Hope "Springs" Eternal

Giorgio Armani is a true master of fashion design. No argument can be made against that statement, and for good reason. He conceptualizes, creates and executes a collection with the ease only a genius possesses. The Giorgio Armani Spring 2009 Collection is a sublime example of Armani design - a classic "spring" collection from the pale color palette to the ethereal fabrics employed. Every aspect of this collection - clothing, shoes, accessories and especially handbags - offers the possibility or hope of an eternal spring for fashionistas everywhere.

I could gush non-stop about an Armani gown, but there's no need to do so. We all know how exquisite they are. I could enumerate the many reasons why the Armani aesthetic is as timeless as its' creator, but you can see for yourself just by taking in the subtle beauty of an Armani blouse, skirt or dress. Giorgio Armani creates art in fashion for the masses. By using his discerning eye to make pieces casual yet refined, Armani appeals to a broad range of fashionistas. If you're like me, you like your fashion sweet and simple. I don't want to look at clothing and wonder how I'm going to wear it or in what setting it'll look appropriate. I want clothes to work for me, to take the guessing game out of shopping. In other words, I want fashion to be fun and easy. Armani delivers both in spades.

As if this collection weren't stunning enough, one look at the handbags will leave you positively breathless. The same color palette that makes the clothing collection a sophisticated dream accomplishes the very same with the handbag line. A number of exotic finishes promise to satiate designer handbag collectors while the many silhouettes (satchels, hobos, totes, clutches and evening bags) Armani offers will have us all pulling our hairs wondering which bag to pick. I'm sure these beauties will be very expensive, possibly limited editions that only a select few will manage to get their pretty little hands on. We can only hope that at least some of Giorgio Armani's Spring handbags make their way on-line.

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