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Monday, September 29, 2008

Marni Spring 2009 Collection: Pretty In Prints

Marni's Spring 2009 Collection reminds me of the movie Pretty In Pink. The print-heavy collection which features bold, colorful pieces (a now established Marni trademark) would have been right up Andie's (Molly Ringwald) alley. I can just picture her sewing a edgy yet absolutely lady-like dress using scraps from thrift store designer finds. Perhaps Annie Potts would've provided the funky accessories while Duckie (a.k.a. Jon Cryer) serenaded Molly with a little Otis Redding. All nostalgia aside, the point is that Marni has the 'outside-the-box' fashion market cornered. No other label comes close to combining classic silhouettes with modern design with as much success as Marni has done.

While the clothes are imaginative, the handbags are quite subdued. Oversized clutches, dainty handbags and even a drawstring shoulder bag are examples of a very restrained collection - by Marni standards, that is. I'm not entirely impressed by this season's selection with the exception of the clutches (particularly the pleated frame top one).

I've come to expect very modern handbag interpretations from Marni and this collection seems a bit too safe. Maybe Consuelo Castiglioni should rent Pretty In Pink and see if some of Andie's style rubs off on her so she won't think of selling out what makes Marni Marni.

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Molly Ringwald photo: Flixster


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