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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Michael Kors Spring 2009 Collection: Prim-n-Proper Perfection

I'm about to gush about Michael Kors. For those that know me, this might seem an impossibility. It does to me as well. As I write this post about the Michael Kors Spring '09 Collection, I can't quite believe this celebration of all things beautiful and classic in fashion was, in fact, created by Mr. Kors. We've come to expect a certain level of predictability from MK with the occasional deviation from classic American sportswear (which I happen to favor more than any other style). His collections are always, for the most part, thoughtful and elegant, but a bit ho-hum. Until now. His Spring '09 collection is nothing short of fashion nirvana.

A myriad of colors comprise the bold color palette used throughout the collection. From clothes, to bags and shoes (and the heavy use of sun visors), this collection evokes a resort feel more than anything else we're used to seeing on the runways for spring. Where are the neutral colors, simple bags and, frankly, boring silhouettes? Nowhere to be seen in Michael Kors' world as is evident in every article of clothing that graced the runway this week. The designs, mostly throwbacks to the 50s, elicit a sense of nostalgia for the last great era of classic American style. Mr. Kors won me over with this very lady-like collection. I can say that I'm definitely NOT "underwhelmed".

You didn't think I forgot about the handbags, right? Perish the thought! The hobos, totes and clutches are pieces of handbag heaven. Some were decked out in nautical detailing, others in ever-present patent leather while others shined with decidedly mod touches. All in all, Michael Kors deserves a round of applause for leaving his comfort zone in order to elevate his craft to a whole new level. Here's hoping he likes the air up there and decides to stay.

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