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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mulberry Poppy Bag

What could be better than a handbag that'll look fabulous on any woman's shoulder? Nothing, of course. Just soak up the yummy goodness of the Mulberry Poppy Bag done in raspberry Copperhead snakeskin and you'll begin to see why even a handbag that features a few bells and whistles (figuratively speaking) can still be elegant if done the right way. The folks at Mulberry have the skill of combining modern detailing with exotic materials and classic lines down to an art form. This roomy 14 x 10 x 7 bag sports biker-inspired side zippers, stud and rivet accents and the funkiest shade of berry I've seen for fall. The 'Poppy's' silhouette can be incorporated into a variety of styles. This snakeskin version is pricey at $2495, but Mulberry's reputation for quality craftsmanship will make this bag a smart investment.

Raspberry Copperhead snakeskin version available via Net-A-Porter


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