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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sabrina Love Handbags

It seems handbag designer Sabrina Love Rodriguez's stylist and costume designer backgrounds served her well. She combined her fashion know-how with a passion for handbags (I love anyone who describes their appreciation of handbags as a "passion") to create one of the most sophisticated and moderately-priced handbag collections I've ever come across.

Sabrina Love Handbags are the quintessential urbanite companions. Her bags are named after famous cities, a nod to her years of traveling and compiling knowledge and resources for this handbag venture. From the practical 'Marais' tote to the elegant 'Sevilla' satchel to the simple and glamorous 'Barcelona' clutch and, my personal favorite, the 'Milano', Sabrina Love's talent for keeping her designs clean and stylish is evident in every bag she's created. All her bags are priced under $500 which is absolutely unheard off for the quality leathers and hardware she uses.

For women who prefer logo-less designer handbags, Sabrina Love is a designer who understands exactly what you're looking for. Shop all her designs via the website or contact the designer for a list of boutiques that carry her bags.


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