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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tod's Fall Handbags

1. DOKT Alligator Tote in blush- $30,500
2. Pashmy Snakeskin Hobo in burgundy- $2345
3. Lizard Clutch in blush and burgundy- $3845
4. Alligator Tote in dark brown- $22,000


I often find myself defending the ever-increasing costs of our favorite designer arm candy, but this is not one of those times. Tod's, a label synonymous with exquisite and timeless handbags, is setting its' sights on "Birkin-like" price tags. This sample of Tod's fall handbag collection shows us exactly how crazy the designer handbag market is becoming. The snakeskin and lizard bags are priced accordingly, but the Alligator Tote and DOKT Tote are just too expensive. Alligator bags have been done for much less and with equal or more design aesthetics. One could buy a couple of Birkin's (or maybe even three!) for the price of one of these bags. My intention is not to bash Tod's because I truly do love their bags. I'm just saying that perhaps a little perspective is in order here. I'm sure many of us would love to own one or both of these costly totes, but at these prices our desires will remain a mere wish.


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