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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Zagliani Notting Hill Pleated Python Bag

Zagliani Notting Hill Pleated Python Bag

Back in the day when my mother won several disco dance contests here in Florida, I was a little girl that loved to watch her get dressed up for an evening out with my dad. They were young and stylish. My mom had specific outfits she'd choose from when she went dancing. Of course, my favorite part of her outfits were the bags. They were chic and totally outrageous. I only managed to get my hands on one before she passed away, and I treasure it more than any other expensive designer bag I own. All sentimental memories aside, this bag reminds me of the decadent 70s and my childhood. I'm always on the lookout for a bag that can do for me and my sense of nostalgia what my mother's bag has done. The Zagliani Notting Hill Pleated Python Bag is the bag I've been searching for.

The flashy gunmetal python exterior, chain/snakeskin top handles and roomy interior are features my mother would have jumped on back in the day. Knowing my mom, she'd have carried this bag everywhere. She was fashion-forward that way. I'm a tad more sedate and could only see myself toting this stunning bag at night. It really doesn't matter how you see yourself using the Zagliani Notting Hill Pleated Python Bag, the important thing is that you'd want it as part of your handbag collection regardless.

Available for $3180 via Saks Fifth Avenue


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